The 5 Types of "May The 4th Meme" You Will See This Year

 From the casual Internet user to the long-time curator of dank web content, everyone loves a good meme– particularly on May The Fourth. Some stay fresh year after year, and some are bound to get stale. Here are the five types you can expect to see on the first week of May.

1. The “How to Basic - Chapter 1” May The 4th meme

This one will be posted by that sweet summer child excited to communicate to you that they’ve newly understood or recently remembered this yearly play-on-words holiday. It’s completely well-intentioned, but there’s no deep Star Wars fandom knowledge at play here, and no reference to the fact that this holiday (and even the phenomenon of the May The 4th meme generally) miiiiiiight be a little played out.

2. The “Value Added” May The 4th meme, now with extra Star Wars added!

This type is like the basic May The 4th meme, but the creator (or likely re-poster) has gone to the extra effort of making sure there’s another layer of Star Wars knowledge included. This usually comes in the form of a recognizable quote or scene from the movies, along with some recognition of meme culture.

3. The “cross-pollinated” May The 4th meme:

This type is a little more interesting because it pulls in the Star Wars reference, but blends it with other meme favorites. Perfect for showing that you understand the “significance” of this May The 4th meme holiday, but you are enlightened to the Internet’s need for semi-original content.

4. The intentionally confusing, “Watch the World Burn” May The 4th meme:

A favorite in recent years, this type started as a tongue-in-cheek joke to confuse the uninitiated outside of a specific fandom. Incorrectly blending multiple blockbuster sci-fi or fantasy universes, some of these May The 4th meme iterations now include enough incorrect references to make your head explode.

5. The “Total disdain for other basic memes” May The 4th meme.

Wrapping up our list is this comically cynical meme style which completely preys on the first. Taking aim at the wookiee-washing of the entire Internet on May 4, these folks are out to prove that they were first and they are best at the Star Wars meme game. First-time May The 4th meme curators beware!