5 of Our Favorite Star Wars Gift Ideas this May The Fourth

We know there is SO MUCH Star Wars merchandise out there, and picking one or two items can be daunting, especially for the holiest of holy days on the nerd calendar: May The Fourth! That’s why we’ve whittled it down to five of our favorite gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life (or maybe just yourself) that are clever, relatively inexpensive, but still lean into your fandom in a really fun way. These ARE the gifts you’re looking for:

1. Yoda Metal Bookend

We love a gift that is both simple but delivers a clever punch. Set up your Yoda bookend to have the Jedi master use the Force to keep your favorite books afloat– either Star Wars novels or other sci-fi favorites. This gem would be perfect as a gift, or for your personal reading nook. Imagine grabbing a hot cup of coffee and pulling an old favorite novel off the shelf!
Price via Amazon: $39.99


2. Small Death Star Concrete Planter

It’s an utter tragedy, but sometimes you can’t have your nerdy décor completely dominate your space. Whether it’s a desk, a windowsill or a bookshelf, introduce a small amount of fandom to your habitat while you try to keep a houseplant alive. Also great as Stars Wars teacher gifts. We imagine that this could even be the gateway into acceptance of more extraordinary décor options, i.e. get your girlfriend or boss used to the Death Star desk planter before graduating to the wall-size neon Boba Fett helmet.
Price via Etsy: $18.25


3. Papercraft Darth Vader Bust

As far as Darth Vader gifts go, we like this papercraft bust because it’s eye-catching as a statement piece, but it doesn’t break the bank. Plus–for people who like such things–it comes with some assembly required, making it both a fun project and a prize. While the complicated look will impress friends and viewers, the producers boast that the instructions make assembly very simple. And the modular look gives your nerdy keepsake an artistic flair wherever you decide it should live– The top of your bookshelf? In the man cave? On the mantel next to the bust of your dead great-grandfather?
Price via Etsy: $21.92


4. Any of a variety of Star Wars character bathrobes

Again, we like anything that functionally introduces fandom into our daily lives. And who can resist a deliciously plush bathrobe, regardless of the style? But throw in a playful nod to Chewbacca or a Jedi master, and we’re sold on it. Perfect for those days when you want to grab a mug of Sci-Fi Coffee, dive into a good book or new show, and maybe don’t even change out of your jammies. Also one of those ideal Star Wars Father's Day gifts.
Price via Amazon: $65.99


5. A new flavor (or subscription!) of Sci-Fi Coffee

You know we couldn’t resist suggesting ‘Yours Truly’! Roasted in small batches, packaged as grounds or whole beans, and delivered still fresh just days later, the flavors and blends of Sci-Fi Coffee are a Force to be reckoned with– and our commitment to celebrating creators within the science fiction genre is what really sets us apart. This May The Fourth, join us in keeping fandom alive as we caffeinate sci-fi creators and consumers alike! A bag or subscription of your favorite blend works well as a standalone gift, or even as a complement to one of the other items on this list.

Make sure to use promo code MAY4 for 10% off your order between now and May 4, 2022.

Price via scifi-coffee.com: $14.99 for a single 12oz bag; bundle in a 3-bag subscription for $39.99.