Alien Fog Grogg
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Alien Fog Grogg

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Drag your senses out of the misty stupor with the sweet aroma and flavor profile of Alien Fog Grogg. A mild and medium roast, the Alien Fog Grogg is a single-origin Brazilian coffee blend with notes of butterscotch, butter rum, and vanilla.

Coffee Readout

Roast Light
Notes Chocolate & nuts
Region Brazil (Single Origin)
Processing Natural & washed

The (mostly fictional) Story Of Alien Fog Grogg

In the year 2020, a Midwest coffee roaster got an international call.

A group of Brazilian farmers discovered that their coffee plants were growing extraterrestrially. They took these beans to the lab and found that the beans were from an alien planet in another galaxy.

They needed a true believer to handle the roast.

Enter Sci-Fi Coffee and the Midwestern coffee roaster. With 18 years of experience, our roaster set to work.

The result? Alien Fog Grogg: A truly out-of-this-world cup of coffee.

Alien Fog Grogg is from a single-origin Brazilian bean with a smooth medium roast. It boasts notes of butterscotch, butter rum, and vanilla. Drag your senses out of the misty stupor with the sweet aroma and flavor profile of a cup of Alien Fog Grogg coffee.

Our (Ridiculously High) Quality Standards

The master roaster for Sci-Fi Coffee has been doing this for 18 years (EIGHTEEN YEARS!). He selects beans from all over the world - Africa, Central America, and South America. The roasts we sell use washed and natural bean varieties. Those beans get roasted in a Loring roaster for about 12-15 minutes for the perfect finish.

And here’s a really important part: Blends are typically roasted as orders come in. Meaning there’s minimal time between beans-in-bag and time of delivery.

Your coffee is FRESH on delivery.

Sci-Fi Coffee’s Origin Story

We're a group of Midwestern sci-fi nerds who like out-of-this-world coffee.

We like reading sci-fi. We like watching sci-fi. We like talking about sci-fi. And so we’re on a mission to celebrate authors and storytellers in sci-fi.

Sci-fi Coffee blends are themed after hallmark traits of the science fiction genre. Do you have an idea for a name? Click here to send us your ideas for our next new roast!

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Smooth brew

Great fflavor