First Light
First Light
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First Light

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After a long dark journey, enjoy something hot, bright, and light! A light roast, the First Light coffee blend with notes of nuts and chocolate.

Coffee Readout

Roast Light
Notes Chocolate & nuts
Region Brazil (single origin)
Processing Natural & washed

The (mostly fictional) Story of First Light

It was a harrowing escape.

The interplanetary regime decided the native Martian people didn't belong. Mass executions were signed.

The native Martians were forced to board a shuttle in secret. Launching into the great unknown and into the dark abyss of space.

For months, the Martians huddled together in their shuttle, rationing what little they had. Their supplies began to dwindle. Their hope began to fade.

But one day, the shuttle awoke with light. Slowly, a star came into view turning the horizon from darkness to day. Their shuttle, floating on fumes, drifted toward a speck of rock. As they drew closer, the rock changed to a planet. Yet closer, the planet transformed into a colorful global of blues and greens.

The Martians landed in an untouched paradise. The planet was rich in a craved and precious commodity - coffee.

The Martians set up shop. They cultivated the land and harvested the coffee. The coffee was smuggled to an ardent supporter and friend back on Earth. From the beans, the Midwestern roaster crafted a bright fresh flavor.

The product took the interplanetary system by storm. The Martian coffee became the official coffee roast of the interplanetary government. Little did the government know they were filling the pockets of the population they once rejected.

First Light Roast celebrates the end of the Martian's dark prison and the start of their prospering society. It is a delicious light roast that boasts notes of chocolate and nuts.

After a long dark journey, fill your mug with First Light coffee and illuminate your world.

Our (Ridiculously High) Quality Standards

The master roaster for Sci-Fi Coffee has been doing this for 18 years (EIGHTEEN YEARS!). He selects beans from all over the world - Africa, Central America, and South America. The roasts we sell use washed and natural bean varieties. Those beans get roasted in a Loring roaster for about 12-15 minutes for the perfect finish.

And here’s a really important part: Blends are typically roasted as orders come in. Meaning there’s minimal time between beans-in-bag and time of delivery.

Your coffee is FRESH on delivery.

Sci-Fi Coffee’s Origin Story

We're a group of Midwestern sci-fi nerds who like out-of-this-world coffee.

We like reading sci-fi. We like watching sci-fi. We like talking about sci-fi. And so we’re on a mission to celebrate authors and storytellers in sci-fi.

Sci-fi Coffee blends are themed after hallmark traits of the science fiction genre. Do you have an idea for a name? Click here to send us your ideas for our next new roast!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Josh Fern
Great Blend

It smells great and is an incredibly smooth drink.

Local and creative and delicious

I picked up a bag of the First Light from Marketplace on Main here in Beech Grove-- I was originally attracted by the bright colors of the label and the fun connection to science fiction. But the coffee itself is super flavorful as well, and I can tell it's because of the roasting; it's not just added flavor. I'm not a coffee snob, but I could feel that care was taken to preserve the freshness of the roast. First Light was really tasty, but I'm looking forward to trying some of the other flavors as well. Thanks for roasting local and pressing into the creative space!