Origin Story

Part of the Sci-Fi Coffee team at an event with the Vonnegut Center.


Meet the Crew:

Sci-Fi Coffee began in 2021 when a group of friends loosely based in the Midwest decided to blend their love of high-quality coffee roasting with a celebration of the captivatingly inventive stories in the Sci-Fi genre. We appreciate our roots in the Midwest, where—as in the beginnings of many science fiction tales—the towns are small enough for strange and exciting things to begin happening. We want Sci-Fi Coffee to be a factory for next-level creativity in storytelling and world-building—and we want that world to include next-level coffee!

Our Coffee:

Based in the Indianapolis area, the master roaster for Sci-Fi Coffee draws on 18 years of experience selecting beans sourced from locations all over the world, including Africa, Central and South America. Various roasts use either “washed” or “natural” bean varieties, or a blend of both. The current process uses a Loring roaster, able to roast between 18-75 pounds of coffee beans at a time, usually in about 12-15 minutes. Various blends are roasted as orders come in, generally the day of the order, meaning that at the time of delivery, the coffee retains an incredibly fresh taste and aroma.

Getting Creative: 

In working to elevate our favorite genre, the Sci-Fi Coffee team named our various blends after some of the hallmark traits of the science fiction genre: intergalactic travel, extraterrestrial life, compelling love stories, strange and thrilling situations. We've also recently moved to naming blends after some of our specific, favorite works of science fiction. Send us your name ideas for our next new roast!

You can also follow us on various social media to see what we're up to: Conferences we're attending; authors we're promoting; movies or books we're consuming; sci-fi art we're loving.


We’re also on a mission to celebrate authors and storytellers in the speculative fiction genre, be that by highlighting new creative voices, or by introducing new audiences to classic science fiction works. Are you a sci-fi author, filmmaker, podcaster, or storyteller of any kind? Get in touch with Sci-Fi Coffee to brainstorm how we can collaborate!

Make Contact:

We want you as a part of the world we’re building here! Take a look around at our products, leave us some contact info so we can get in touch with cool sci-fi content or special deals, and come back often to check out what’s new. And don’t forget to tell your friends about your new favorite coffee company!