From Dream to Scream
From Dream to Scream
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From Dream to Scream

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Conquer the monster of morning with an incredible cup of coffee.  With South & Central American bean origins, this Vienna dark roast has notes of dark baker's chocolate.

Coffee Readout

Roast Vienna roast
Notes Dark baker's chocolate
Region South & Central American
Processing Natural & washed

The (mostly fictional) Story of Dream to Scream

Jane Young dreamed often.

Her dreams were terrifying. She'd wake sweating, with sore limbs, and cuts and bruises. Several doctor visits later, and she had no answers.

The dreams became more vivid. And Jane began to see a shape in the corner of her eye and hear raspy breathing. The shape loomed large, dark, and boding. Each time the shape entered her vision, Jane was filled with terror.

Then one night, Jane finds herself standing in front of her parent's bedroom. The door is slightly ajar. She pushes the door open and finds the dark form hovering over her parents.

Jane lunges forward, digging her nails into the leg of the beast. The monster hurls her across the room. As she slaps the wall, Jane jolts awake. Her back aches and her head is bleeding. She looks down to find a piece of the monster under her fingernails.

Terrified, she goes searching for answers. Her search brings her to a paranormal fixer and coffee roasting company. At their request, she sends the monster's scales from under her fingernails.

The coffee roaster uses his 18 years of coffee roasting experience to create a dark roast blend. The coffee roast sends Jane the bag of coffee and instructions.

That night, Jane brews a cup of coffee, places it at her bedside, and falls asleep.

Her eyes snap open. She’s in her room. In the quiet of the night, she hears a slow, rasping breath. Turning to her right, she sees the cup of coffee. She chugs the too-hot coffee ignoring the pain.

Footfalls land outside her doorway. Jane slowly turns to find the monster in the doorway.

The monster looms. Its red eyes glow. It stood a head and a half over Jane. Its raspy breath rose in thick puffs of mist.

Jane felt the coffee caffeine hit her veins. And her vision… shifted.

The monster shrunk. Its eyes faded from red to blue. Then blue to white.

Jane steps up to the monster now towering over it. She presses her hand to its chest and the monster mists away.

Conquer the monster of the morning with From Dream to Scream coffee blend. It is a delicious dark Vienna roast from South & Central American beans boasting notes of dark baker's chocolate.

Our (Ridiculously High) Quality Standards

The master roaster for Sci-Fi Coffee has been doing this for 18 years (EIGHTEEN YEARS!). He selects beans from all over the world - Africa, Central America, and South America. The roasts we sell use washed and natural bean varieties. Those beans get roasted in a Loring roaster for about 12-15 minutes for the perfect finish.

And here’s a really important part: Blends are typically roasted as orders come in. Meaning there’s minimal time between beans-in-bag and time of delivery.

Your coffee is FRESH on delivery.

Sci-Fi Coffee’s Origin Story

We're a group of Midwestern sci-fi nerds who like out-of-this-world coffee.

We like reading sci-fi. We like watching sci-fi. We like talking about sci-fi. And so we’re on a mission to celebrate authors and storytellers in sci-fi.

Sci-fi Coffee blends are themed after hallmark traits of the science fiction genre. Do you have an idea for a name? Click here to send us your ideas for our next new roast!

Customer Reviews

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maria Longo
Excellent coffee

I think you guys have a great product. I just wish you would put more into marketing and social media so that people know you're out there in a VERY crowded marketplace. The concept and packaging is so cool!